I often get the question “How long have you been doing this?” The answer to that question defines what Trade Street Massage is and where I have come from. If you are interested in that story please read the whole story here.

Back in 2004 I moved to the Greenville area to accept a position as a Director of Education for a local career college. In 2005, disillusioned with the college and it’s parent company I decided to retire and take it easy for a while. Prior to this I was an administrator for a career college in Denver, Colorado supervising the Massage Therapy program. I had been working full time since I was 17 and I was now 56 years old, so I figured it was time for a break.

After a short while I began to become bored with sitting around since my wife was still working and I spent most of my time watching TV or babysitting my grandchildren. So I thought to become active again I would go back to doing something that I loved, massage. I checked into the regulations governing massage therapy here in South Carolina and discovered that regardless of all the training that I had I didn’t have any “formal” education in massage to prove my abilities. I looked into the program at Greenville Tech and found that it was cost effective and perfect for my needs. I enrolled in the program in the fall of 2007 and graduated in May of 2008. I sat for and passed the National Certification exam and with that I was able to apply for and be issued a license to practice Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork here in the State of South Carolina.

Upon getting my license I decided to go into private practice. I opened my first practice called Lite-Touch Massage and rented office space over on E. Washington Street near the Greenville Zoo. I worked there for a while until I out grew the location and then decided to move to a new location on Wade Hampton Blvd. I renamed the practice Serenity Therapeutic Massage and worked there adding an additional therapist to the office and continued to grow. At one point, I offered a student interning with me a place to practice within our office. It was at this point that we outgrew the location.

We make a move to a location over off of White Horse Road. It was a large professional office and we quickly grew to fill up the new space. We brought in several new therapists, a hair stylist a manicurist and a wellness counselor. At this point the practice was renamed again to Serenity Wellness Center and we had 5 massage therapists a hair stylist and manicurist working at this location. Things were really busy and it worked well until we began to have a couple of personnel issues and ultimately I decided to close the practice down. I was undergoing some medical issues at the time and didn’t have the time to devote to running the office properly.

I took a little break from my practice and regained my health. I shared some office space with a couple of therapists from my previous office. The location was on Chick Springs Road in Greenville. I rebuilt my practice slowly and at this point I was offered an opportunity to open a satellite office in Greer on Trade Street. Thus the name Trade Street Massage was born. After a while I once again had to have surgery to replace both of my shoulders and needed to concentrate my efforts on one location. At this point I found the location I am currently occupying here on Stone Avenue. The building was not the most fancy building but it served a good purpose. The rent was reasonable, there were other medical professionals in the building and it was really close to downtown Greenville. The building houses a medical examiners office for Social Security disability, a psychologist specializing in Autistic children, a visiting nurse service and a hearing aid office. Is it fancy? No, but it’s functional and it allows me to offer my clients two things I really insist on; safety and reasonable cost for a a massage.

The rent level is such that can keep my rates fairly low and maintain the quality of the massage. I am more of a massage clinic than a spa. While I may offer some spa services I do not pretend to be a high level spa environment. I have clients that are still with me after 8 years so I think I am doing something right. Occasionally, I have a client complain about the waiting room and find it rather upsetting since I really don’t think the waiting room is what people come here to get. If you are not pleased with your massage, talk to me and let’s talk about what you didn’t enjoy. If it’s a matter of pressure preferences we can work that out.

All in all I think my clients seem to like the services I offer as you can see from my reviews here.

Want to know About Tony Ruggiero, LMBT?

Tony Ruggiero, LMBT is a Massage Therapist/Bodyworker licensed in South Carolina.

He was recently appointed by former South Carolina Governor Nikki Halley to sit on the SC State Massage/Bodywork Panel and additionally selected by the Panel to act as Hearing Officer for disciplinary matters. He is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association, South Carolina Chapter. Tony Ruggiero, LMBT spends some free time volunteering weekly at Bon Securs St. Francis Infusion Center providing free Oncology massage to chemotherapy patients in active treatment. Tony Ruggiero, LMBT is also provides free volunteer massage therapy to the parents/caregivers at Ronald McDonald House in Greenville. In addition, Tony Ruggiero, LMBT is a representative for Hands for Heroes™ offering FREE monthly massage to active duty military personnel and veterans.

Tony Ruggiero, LMBT was an administrator for three massage therapy schools and upon his retirement decided to open his private practice. Tony Ruggiero, LMBT still consults with various schools and sits on the Advisory Board for a massage therapy program at a local college. Tony Ruggiero, LMBT has and is mentoring several students to learn the practice of massage therapy.

Tony is an intuitive therapist and feels that the body possesses it’s own power to heal. With proper soft tissue manipulation common ailments can be ameliorated with the added benefit of relaxing touch therapy. Those who experience Tony’s relaxation therapy have raved about his ability to relieve their stress. With most people being touch starved today – a gentle, flowing Swedish massage opens our psyche to the body’s ability to heal. Tony Ruggiero, NCTMB, LMBT enjoys giving massages and seeing the positive effects it brings to his clients.

Tony Ruggiero, NCTMB, LMT #5857
Tony Ruggiero, LMT #5857

Modalities offered are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy. Tony Ruggiero, LMBT also offers consultations and treatment using Aromatherapy, Energy Therapy and Therapeutic Touch.


  • Graduate of Greenville Technical College, 750-hour Massage Therapy program.
  • Trained as a Level I Aromatherapist.
  • Training in the treatment of Fibromyalgia
  • Training in the treatment of Orthopedic problems of the Shoulder and Arm
  • Certified in Oncology Massage
  • Trained in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder
  • Trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder)
  • Trained in Structural Relief Therapy
  • Trained in Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage
  • Reiki Practitioner II