Best Healing Massage Ever


I have been going to tony for about a year now and I suffer from many different pain issues all of which Tony has been able to help me with. He will help you give him a try!!!


Eliminated Headaches and Shoulder Pain


I have been seeing Tony regularly for the past few months. My main complaint when I started was my painful frozen shoulder. He has not only eliminated the pain in my shoulder, but my headaches have also disappeared! He is very knowledgeable and caring. Best of all, he is very gentle.


Frozen shoulder relief update


I’m still very pleased to have Tony take care of my condition. He takes interest in each individual for their needs of pain. I’ve learned that it is necessary for the body (especially a body in pain) to take time to relax in times of stress. I have recovered so much from the first time in his office. My range of motion in my shoulder continues to improve. I feel very positive that it will regain back to it’s normal self. I really appreciate Tony’s knowledge and experience concerning frozen shoulder. Thanks Tony!



In my extensive travel throughout the US, I have found massage therapy to be beneficial to my health. Tony has been outstanding in his professional knowledge in the treatment of my chronic health issues.




I really enjoyed meeting you, Tony, and loved the massage. I appreciate the good advice you gave and that you steered me right on the difference for deep tissue massage and when it is called for or not. I’ve used the cold rub cream and even took a bath with the apple cider vinegar. Looking forward to the next time, probably after we return from trip to the west coast. Thanks!



Tony is a very professional and outstanding massage therapist. If your needs should be for therapeutic, relaxation or healthy maintenance, a selection to meet your needs are available in a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.



Raquel P. says: A friend told me how great Tony R. is for relieving frozen shoulder pain, which I have been suffering from for about six months now. I have tried other massage therapists, but they were unable to help. So I went in for my first session, and I was so relieved that Tony doesn’t believe in the “no pain, no gain” philosophy! He was very gentle, and proved to be very knowledgeable about my condition. I was also impressed that he took the time to talk with me before, during, and after the appointment. I was not left bruised, sore, or in pain. In fact, I’ve felt a noticeable reduction in pain, and my range of motion has improved a bit…in just one visit! I’m feeling optimistic about my recovery now, and I’m so grateful to Tony! I’m looking forward to my next session!



Priscilla R. says: I realized my shoulder pain was from “Frozen Shoulder” By the 5th day of unending inflammation and severe pain, we did some research and found that Tony R. had the expertise to bring my excruciating pain to an end. I am very pleased with my fast recovery, mobility, and range of shoulder movement in just 4 Therapy sessions. From my first visit on a Tuesday to the Fourth visit on the following Tuesday. Tony listened to my body’s needs, and made it as relaxing as possible. I highly recommend him for this treatment. If it was not for him I would most likely be in pain. Thank- You so much! Priscilla R.


Mel H. says: I had a session with Tony yesterday. I am so glad I found him. I have had many many many massages over the years and I have to say that he was the best massage I ever had he did not hurt me I did not cry on the table (which was normal as other therapist would tell me sometimes it has to hurt to feel better) that he was very knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and issues and helped with my pain ALOT. I finally slept last night after days of not being able to sleep for more then two hours a night. I am very grateful to have found him. THANKS SO MUCH!! See you next week!


I’m totally satified with the massage i received the other day almost all the pain i was having in my body is gone the. This is the best my body have felt in two and a half years, my plans are to continue having the massage treatment for a while thanks Tony.

Brenda R.

I’ll be back for more massages with Tony. He was great. I’m getting ready for a hip replacement and he was very helpful with lowering my pain level.
Diane W.

My massage was great. I came in with a headache and alot of stress and my shoulders were tight. I left with no headache and was almost asleep before Tony was completed. Thank you Tony for making me feel better.
Terri F.

My massage was great and I feel much better.

Wonderful massage last night! Woke up a bit sore around 2am….took some ibuprofen then back to bed. My shoulders, neck, lower back and hips feel amazing this morning!

GREAT customer service. From the initial welcome and ambiance to making an appointment to definitely return…it was an OUTSTANDING experience all the way around!!!

Tony is THE best! I have never had anyone concentrate on every part of physical healing as well as my spiritual healing. I suffer with fibromyalgia and Tony is the best part of my week! – Traci


I have been getting massages for over 25 yrs. New York, Atlantic City, NJ., Las Vegas, Dallas & Austin TX., Florida, Pineville, NC., Bahamas,Thailand. I would have to rank the experience right up there with the best which was Thailand ( One month of heaven ) massage 3x week wow. I had Tony, he is very knowledgeable of his craft. I would Highly recommend Serenity Spa to any Spa Vet, they would not be disappointed. What a great experience. I am returning in 4 days for another treatment. Great for those who are on the modest side, they drape well being sure to keep you covered or will remove if you prefer and are very professional about it. Thank you, Danielle Pons Greiner.

Amazing massage Tony has the most gentle hands. It was well worth going for.

It was great. Very professional and easy to make appointment.

Facing cancer and chemo

Donna H. says: This was the best hour in my life recently. I have Ovarian Cancer, after 9 months in remission it returned in November. I also suffer from fibromyalgia. Tony made me feel so relaxed and for that hour I did not have any worries. I slept like a baby that night. Thanks Tony can’t wait to see you again.

Sciatic nerve issues

Cliff D. says: First time I saw Tony but will not be the last. Very positive session – was not aggressive in his massage because he did not want me to be sore. I felt much better several hours after our session and he was right – I am a little sore this morning. Great environment and people.

First timer here and Tony was amazing!!!

Sharon T. says: Where to even begin. This was my first massage and all I can say is, GREAT JOB TONY! I was a bit apprehensive going to him but within the first 5 minutes it felt like I’d been doing this for years. I thought I’d be tight just from being uncomfortable but it was just the opposite. I was so relaxed and I see what everyone here means by his “magic hands”. I still don’t know how he knew exactly where to put the right amount of pressure and massaging. I’ll have to work on my feet though as that made me tense up. Have never been fond of anyone touching my feet much less massaging them (always hated my ugly feet, maybe due to my brothers saying I had claw toes :-o). But, it did feel amazing. I will definitely go back to him and recommend him to everyone. Thanks again, Tony!!

Rene’ D. says: This was my first professional massage. I saw Tony right before a 6hour 300mile long trip to Ga. Now normally this trip wears me out and I’m to sore to do anything when I get there, but by the time Tony finished with me, I was SO relaxed and felt like so much mush lol that when the drive was over I still felt great! I WILL be seeing Tony again. Thank You!

Works wonders on tired muscles.

Jenn S. says: My work consists of lifting varied weights (up to 50 lbs several times within a shift ) from different angles. My muscles are always very tired and cramping. Tony has been able to revive my muscles and make them feel relaxed. He has also been able to relieve intermittent swelling of my leg. HE IS WONDERFUL. Hands so forceful, yet so gentle. Jenn S

Very very nice

Ben D. says: Tony’s got good hands. Nice, relaxing atmosphere. I nearly fell asleep it felt so good.

Jennifer S. says: I did not realize how tight my muscles were until Tony massaged them. Now I feel much better and am able to stretch my muscles to a greater extent than before.

Jennifer S.

A beautiful beginning...

Hevenly w. says: I had my initial visit this week and quickly realized how ‘in tune’ Tony is. I was immediately aware of Tony’s professionalism and knowledge of various methods. The environment is beautiful- inside and out. I felt completely at ease and relaxed just after meeting Tony. Wow, i left feeling peacefully amazing. My body and muscles seemed to want more of Tony’s touch. I feel no pain or discomfort in the usual problem areas and also feel quite light and ethereal just from the calming, soothing energy that Tony radiates. I am looking forward to many visits in the future and see what aches and pains we can learn to aleviate and soothe. Thank you Tony, my new friend.

Massage sessionĀ Amazing as usual

Diane A. says: Tony, Your amazing. After my long trip every muscle in my body ached . After my massage I feel amazing . Thanks so much my friend Your the best.

Al C. says: It was a great relaxing massage. I highly recommend Tony’s massage sessions.

Perfect, as always!

Christy K. says: Tony, thanks so much for another wonderful massage! You’ve got a great touch & I always leave feeling so much better. I was so sore after being on vacation and couldn’t wait to get in for a massage. I feel 100% better! Thanks again, my friend!

Michael H. says: i have a very hard time – relaxing. my massage,with Tony, left me completely relaxed and stress relieved!

Great massage
Bill B. says: I went in with sore back and thighs and left with no pain and very relaxed. Bill

My second visit
Gary G. says: I will visit again very soon Tony. After years of searching for a good massage therapist.. I believe I have found someone who reads my body’s language. I feel comfortable at Serenity and the massage table is so warm, a big plus..

Always Perfect
Diane A. says: Tony is the best I have had many massages but Tony’s are the best by far. Thanks again Tony for yet another perfect massage. Your the best

Always perfect!
Lucye L. says: Tony is, in my book, the best there is. I’ve been coming for quite a while now and leave feeling so much better. I’ve had a chronic rib pain which has been almost totally relieved by his fabulous hands and knowledge of muscles. Explains what he thinks is going on and how to help deal with it. I couldn’t recommend him enough especially compared to the many I’ve gone to before, and Tony gives you all the time you paid for – a rarity for sure.

Perfect massage technique
Brad S. says: Great hands! Thanks for such a rejuvenating massage!! Will be back soon….

Amazing as usual
Diane A. says: Tony u are just the best. your hands are like magic just knowing where to touch the muscles and get rid of the stress. Thanks again

Thanks for a great Massage!
Gary G. says: I was in lala land for an hour. Thanks Tony.. every body needs a massage from you. Will be saving up for another massage soon.

A First For Me
Rob S. says: Now I know what I’ve been missing! Although I went with some apprehension, Tony put me at ease and was very professional and respects your modesty. The other thing I liked was how he explained parts of the massage. After 2 months of unpacking and getting settled in my home, I left feeling like a new person. Definitely plan on going back.

Brian K. says: Tony did an excellent job. The wife very much enjoyed her massage. When time permits we will return and we will recommend Tony to all our friends. Very enjoyable experience.—Brian—

Louise. says: I enjoyed the massage. I felt the toxins leaving my body while making me very relaxed. After I left, I felt like taking a nap.

Perfect as always
Diane A. says: Tony another job well done my friend. Thanks for helping me feel better and for helping me to relax and forget about life for an hour. Your the BEST.

A Big Helper
Diane A. says: Tony, What can I said that I haven’t already said. Your awesome. You always get me to relax and help with the aches and pains. Thanks so much for being you. Diane A.

Always the best
Diana. says: Tony always gives the greatest massages. His hands are like magic! I hadn’t been in a while and I had pulled a muscle in my lower back. Saw Tony and the pain is almost completely relieved!

Couldn’t Ask for Better!
Anna V. says: Tony always gives the best massage. It’s both relaxing and helps with any pain I’m feeling. I’ve been going to Tony regularly for some time now – it’s the best treat I can give myself, plus keeps my pain at a minimum. I highly recommend him!

Tim B. says: very relaxing, felt much better

The best in town
Karan C. says: I Love Tony! He has magical fingers. After a massage from him, I always leave feeling relaxed. He takes my cares away faster than Calgon does. I highly recommend a massage treatment from Serenity

Another great job
Diane A. says: Tony, Awesome as usual. Thanks for keeping me on my feet .

Perfect as usual
Diane A. says: Tony did a great job as usual. Really helps with my neck and shoulder and lower back injuries. keeps me up on my feet. Thanks again Tony

5-Star Great Massage
Tim B. says: Great massage, very relaxing, unfortunately pulled my back out last nite and am in need of another massage

Thanks Again
Diane A. says: Tony, What can I say… Can’t make it without you. Even with my fracture foot you were able to get the rest of me to relax even with all the stress I’m under right now. Thanks Again Your Awesome Diane

Was what I needed!
Steve. says: Very good.

Diane A. says: Tony is very professional in every way. He makes you feel very comfortable and has awesome hands. I suffer from neck shoulder and lower back pain from a car wreck . With the treatments from Tony I have been able to go back to work part time. Thanks so much Tony Your Awesome.

Great attitude, Good Hands
Don Vinne. says: THANKS! Professional conduct, knowledge of pressure points and great hands give Serenity Massage the highest rating. The difference I felt after the massage was amazing, all therapy should be this good. Thanks Tony!

Glad I visited him…
Kitty Walton. says: I suffer from serious lower back and leg pain. After two sessions I felt like I could do all my old activities again. I particularly like the hot stones.