An Effective, Pro active Way to Breast Health and Wellness through Breast Massage Therapy

Breast Massage Therapy

Breast Massage therapy is an effective ‘wellness’ treatment for breasts, as breasts particularly need good circulation and tissue mobilization for optimum health. Poor circulation can produce various uncomfortable symptoms. Breast scarring (surgically and traumatically induced), which is more common than we often realize, can cause painful syndromes and obstruct blood and lymph flow.

Some believe there may be a correlation between chronic poor breast drainage and susceptibility toimage malignancy. Breast Massage therapy techniques and hydrotherapy may in fact turn out to be some of the most effective modalities for addressing such problems and promoting breast health.

Many women need more help becoming comfortable with breast self-examination than they receive in their doctors’ offices. Some have traumatic histories and need assistance achieving a sense of normalcy about their breasts and the types of touch involved in seeing to their care.

As well, a skilled palpator may be more successful in picking up early-stage breast tissue changes needing medical follow-up than a client would herself. Given the time spent, the regular treatment intervals, the privacy of the circumstances, and the trained empathy and physical skill of the practitioner, massage therapists really have something to offer.”

From “Breast Massage Deserves Attention” by Debra Curties, RMT in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, June/July 2001

The Benefits of Lymphatic Breast Massage

  • Relieves Breast Pain & Tenderness
  • Assists in Recovery from Breast Injuries
  • Relieves PMS Related Tenderness
  • Promotes Comfort & Breast Health in Pregnancy
  • Comforts & Support while Breastfeeding
  • Post-Surgical Care
    • Speeds Healing
    • Lessens Scar Formation
    • Aids in Prevention of Capsular Contracture after Implant Surgery
  • May Help Resolve Benign Conditions
  • Increases Comfort & Helps Maintain Posture
    • Opens the Chest
    • Provides More Supple, Lighter Feeling
  • Promotes Proactive Breast Health
    • Increases Circulation and Lymph Drainage
    • Assists in Breast Health Monitoring
    • Places Emphasis on Breast Health, Not Disease
    • Empowers Through Gaining Knowledge & Becoming More Comfortable with Our Own Breasts
Breast Massage Therapy

Breast Massage therapy in

Pregnancy, Nursing and Weaning

Breast Massage therapy can be a wonderful addition to prenatal care and a source of support while nursing and weaning. The benefits of breast massage therapy in the childbearing years include:


    • Reduced discomfort during pregnancy
    • Improved skin tone
    • Increased breast milk production
    • Relief of engorgement
    • Can Unblock plugged milk glands
    • Increased drainage during breast feeding
    • Decreased appearance of scars and stretch marks
Breast Massage Therapy

Why Might a Woman Seek Lymphatic Breast Massage?

Breast Massage Therapy Women often seek breast massage therapy for pain or tenderness (chronic or cyclical) or for treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Others are interested in pro-active preventative breast health care, or feel that breasts are a natural part of their body that should not be ignored. Breast massage therapy is beneficial for many women during pregnancy, lactation and weaning. Massage can play a critical role in the care of breast implants and post-surgical care. Some women want to become more comfortable with their own breasts or having their breasts touched. Safe, nurturing touch can be a healing experience.
Most women want to attain more knowledge about breast anatomy, physiology, pathologies, risk factors and wellness care. After receiving breast massage therapy, most women report feeling lighter and less restricted in the chest and that they are able to breath more fully. Decreased pain and lessened menstrual cycle related discomfort are often reported. An overall feeling of good health, a sense of freedom, lessened fullness and other benefits are typically reported.

Breast Massage Therapy Procedures

As a specific treatment, breast massage therapy includes the back, neck and abdomen and is a 45 minute session. Breast massage therapy may also be included as part of any 75 minute or 105 minute massage, bodywork session.

Breast Massage therapy is never automatically included in any massage therapy session.

Before proceeding with Lymphatic Breast Massage Therapy the following steps occur:

  • You request or wish to discuss lymphatic breast massage therapy.
  • We discuss breast massage therapy expected benefits, procedures and draping options.
  • You complete and sign the Breast Massage Acknowledgement of Informed Consent.
  • As with any massage procedure, you may change your mind at any time!
Breast Massage Therapy

Do All Massage Therapists Offer Breast Massage Therapy?

No. Many massage therapists have not received the specialized training or simply are not comfortable with providing breast massage. Although not as common as other techniques, breast massage therapy is now offered by a growing number of massage therapists. However, Lymphatic Breast Massage therapy has been practiced in other cultures for centuries and in the United States by a limited number of therapists for decades.

In the U.S., interest in breast massage therapy grew dramatically after Debra Curties, a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada and past president of the American Massage Therapy Association Council of schools wrote the book Breast Massage in 1999. Debra understood the health benefits of breast massage and made a mission of educating the massage therapy and medical communities about this work. You might expect Lymphatic Breast Massage therapy to be more readily at clinical and medically oriented massage practices but today even some day spas, including Elizabeth Arden Red Door Door Spas, are now offering some type of breast massage therapy.